The Jules Rimet Trophy (or World Cup, First Edition)



The Jules Rimet Trophy was stolen in 1983 and was lost…until now.

Jimmy Hoffa

Mystery solved.

A Yetti



Told you they existed.

Holy Grail


I knew it was somewhere in Great Britain.

Giganotosaurus {not to be confused with Gunnersaurus Rex}

How he got to Sunderland is anyone’s guess.



You can’t keep good comedy down forever.

Jar Jar Binks Action Figure



We wish they would have missed this one.

Billy Mitchell Hot Sauce

They quickly reburied this.

15 League Cups

It just clutters up trophy cases.

David Beckham’s Underpants

Must have been quite the slide tackle.

Unused Trash Bags

Because we know the groundskeepers don’t use them.

Lessons from Peaky Blinders for those that engage in transfer day negotiations.

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With Harry Redknapp having to step down as manager of QPR in order to deal with ailing knees, we here at Yanks felt it necessary to take a look at what this man has had to overcome in his life in football.

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Could these famous documentaries actually have a hidden “footballing” theme buried in there?

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Sunderland AFC chairman, Ellis Short, speaking about sacking manager Gus Poyet.

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This is a Yanks Call it Soccer Public Service Announcement. These are messages in the public interest disseminated by YCIS without charge, with the objective of raising awareness, changing public attitudes and behavior towards a social issue.

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Rumors abound as to why some La Liga players refuse to transfer to the EPL. Here may be a few obvious reasons.

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If you were to transplant one of these hair pieces to your skull, which would get you the most play? Off the field of course.

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The Yankie Awards — Honoring specific achievements in the world of soccer.

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Leaked! The latest series of children’s books from Theo Walcott.

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See some cross promotional partnerships that could have gone the way of Dunkin Donuts & Liverpool.

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7 vital EPL lessons we could all learn from watching Dumb and Dumber

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