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This is how we roll… with global sports superstars.  Footy Factor, and others, report on how Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and others hung with Chelsea after we beat Arsenal on Sunday.  Well we knew the Lakers loved Chelsea when The Yanks spotted Andrew Bynum wearing his Drogba jersey at a summer international friendly between Real Madrid and the LA Galaxy and this confirms their good taste as a basketball team.

Kobe and pals were witness to Drogba’s drag-footed near post score as well as Alex’s missile of a free kick that gave Chelsea the 2-0 victory at Stamford Bridge.  We are 4 points clear at the top of the table and still have a whopping +15 goal differential over our nearest competitor, Man City (looks like some bang for a buck, hey Brad?)

Even better, you may remember earlier this year when the rest of The Yanks were belly-aching about the low level of clubs we had played so far?  Well, after 7 games those clubs – West Brom, Stoke City, and Blackpool – are all in the top half of the table.  And where are NUFC, Everton, and Liverpool?  Only in the bottom six, that’s all. Get your houses in order brothers, before you worry about the rest of us.

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7 Responses to Kobe Rolls With Chelsea

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  2. Whenever I wonder how to make a good selection or wise choice, I think of Kobe Bryant, that's for sure.

    OH WAIT.

  3. avatar Ryan says:

    I think of Lohan.

  4. avatar john r says:

    oh, Chelsea rolls with alleged rapists good to know. Maybe theyll sign bramble now.

  5. avatar Mark says:

    Allegedly goes a long way. Ryan is alleged to be a lawyer, and yet he drives a Buick Skylark.

  6. avatar Ryan says:

    I drive a Le Sabre. Confusing a Skylark for a Le Sabre is like confusing the Tranmere Rovers for Chelsea.

  7. avatar Dan says:

    Makes sense that Drogba would score a drag-footed goal. He is a bitch, after all.

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