The Yanks are watching you Roberto.  In spirit of the derby match tomorrow, this week’s Among the Yanks is dedicated to who is saying what about tomorrow.

[ESPNSoccernet] – Mancini labels Manchester United “very lucky”.

[Never Captain Nicky Butt] – One more reason why Tevez scares me, plus good insight.

[The Spoiler] – Don’t think this derby still has deep seeded roots?  See what the club’s staff has to say.

[Premiership Talk] – Is this really necessary?  Yup.  Tevez has been warned by police to keep his trap shut.

[The Shin Guardian] – What the Yanks watch?  We agree with 5, 2, and 1.  4 & 3, really?  Maybe we’ll have to give it a try.

[The Offside] – Two of the most expensive clubs clash. O yea, they’re playing football too.

One Response to Among the Yanks

  1. avatar Brad says:

    If things fall right this weekend, the Toffees could move up to 8th on the table, which is absolutely pathetic considering how many draws we have in the campaign! PS: I love this new edition, it gives me something to distract me when my productivity starts to get to high at work. COYB!

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