I once heard the following nugget of wisdom: “Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure.”  Unfortunately, this nugget has been erecting the house that failure built this past season amongst numerous Yanks and those we target to convert.  Now I understand that an alarm ringing in your face at 4:15 in the morning hurts.  Hurts bad, like smashing your thumb with a hammer.  But you get over it and move on, and when people are told about the earliness of the gatherings, invariably excuses are always provided to skip out, ranging from good to bad.

We are looking to exploit some of the top excuses you have heard as to why your “mate” could not make a match, either the pub or the stadium.  This will be a weekly column provided for us to share the excuses that we hear every week. This week’s excuse is the column’s namesake:

“My baby has mono.”

This very excuse was enough for us to start a weekly column to bring attention to and share wonderful gems like this.  When this excuse was circulated around the group it was met with the same response over and over. “Doesn’t mono make you want to sleep more?” Why yes, yes it does.

If you have heard one, please share.  Send an email to Ryan with the subject “My baby has mono” and we will be sure to post it.

3 Responses to “My Baby Has Mono” – The Worst Excuses You’ve Ever Heard to Skip Your Duties as a Fan

  1. avatar Scott says:

    Not footy related, but my friend is a "die-hard" Laker and missed the game 7 against the Celtics last year to go for his sister's 8th grade graduation. This was also the second time he went out to dinner for that event and it's the freaking Finals against the Celtics!

  2. avatar Ryan says:

    Yup. His baby had mono.

  3. avatar Sean says:

    Now when someone asks, "Hey, why isn't so-n'-so here" you now reply "His baby has mono".

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