Not sure what is more frighting, Hiddink’s dance, the nun, or the fact that it look like he laid an egg in the shape of a ball.

[ Daily Mirror ] “Sacked on his birthday! Sacked on Christmas Eve! Sacked after 10 minutes! The strange ill-timed and tactless ways managers get the chop” — Some owners are just as ruthless as Abramovich.

[ Dirty Tackle ] “David Villa admits that Cesc is his weakness” — Now I know how Wenger feels.

[ EPL Talk ] “How a NFL Lockout Could Give EPL Soccer A Boost In the USA” — Question is, do we want NFL fans?

[ Off the Post ] “Manchester City defender Kolo Toure’s obsession with ‘fat belly’ caused drugs ban” — Seriously?

[ Who Ate All the Pies ] “‘I’m Good Enough To Play’ – Usain Bolt Offers His Services To Man Utd” — Not sure United need someone to run from one touchline to the other in 10 seconds.

[ Back Page Football ] “The Spoofer’s Guide to Summer Transfers” — Starts with Part II, but has a link to their Part I.

Video of the Week: Gary Neville throws out first pitch for the Chicago White Sox.  Let’s just say, at least it wasn’t short of home plate.


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