Next Newcastle No 9

Who is the next Newcastle No. 9? Photo courtesy of Daily Mail

As most of you know the number 9 at Newcastle United is more than just a number on the back of a jersey.  The number carries with it the burden of the entire club, fans, and city.  It is just one example of what sets Newcastle United apart from so many other clubs.  It embodies the tradition and respect that the club has forged since they started putting numbers on the backs of players in 1939.

More recently, however, the number has been given to players that did not hold up their end of the bargain.  Believe what you will, but when we were relegated Obafemi Martins, our fearless number 9 at the time, tucked his tail between his legs and left.  And then we all know about our next number 9, Mr. Carroll.  Whether you believe the club’s side of the story or Andy’s, we can all agree that our latest number 9 failed to deliver on its historical greatness.

So with the season almost upon us and with new faces already here [and hopefully more to come] the question that I’ve heard being asked is “who should wear the number 9?”  In my honest opinion my answer is… NO ONE!  This is not to say that I don’t believe in our players or that I don’t want the number 9 and all its glory being worn.  It has to do with historic integrity.  We need that piece of magic back at Newcastle.  One season or 10 new players does not mean that the number 9 is up for grabs.  It is something that must be earned.  Now I know that we have players that can rise up and become worthy of it.  But time must pass in order to see that.

Good old Chris Hughton put it best when he said, “It can be a heavy number to carry, a burden, and wearing it is an achievement,which I want somebody to grow into.  I want somebody to earn the right to be Newcastle’s No 9.”

Until someone earns it number 9 should not be used.

9 Responses to Newcastle’s Historic No. 9.

  1. avatar James says:

    No one has faired well with the 9 jersey since Alan Shearer. I hear rumors of the Magpies offering the #9 to Daniel Sturridge if they can lure him away on loan from Chelsea. I think that is putting huge expectations on the youngster and to give it to someone that would only be on loan goes against the NU tradition.

    I like the wait and see approach…

    Go Toon Army!

  2. avatar Ryan says:

    Your big bald head should wear that number, Jakob!

  3. avatar Sean says:

    Based on Houghton's comment, Barton it is!

  4. avatar James says:

    Barton? So I guess next season we'll be having this dicussion again….

  5. avatar James says:

    oops discussion

  6. avatar Brad says:

    I think that guy that played Jesus in the Big Lebowski should be #9

  7. avatar Booby says:

    What makes the number special is a combination of the tradition and the player. Keeping it out of the rotation because you feel no one is "worthy" is stupid.

    Give it to whoever wants it and they might grow into it. We've had just as many bad number 9s as good ones. For instance if Best wants it I'd be happy for him to get it.

  8. avatar Booby says:

    It is just a number. On the back of bad or disrespectful payers it remains just a number.

    On the back of a devoted player it becomes iconic.

  9. avatar Jacob says:

    Leon Best!?!?!? Really? Come on man! The number 9 is meant for an iconic player. I like Best but he is NOT an icon!

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