Photo Courtesy of Barclay's Asia Trophy Facebook page - yep, they even have a facebook page

Okay, quick break down. There’s the Champions League – that’s the most important (especially to comrade Abramovich). Then the Barclay’s Premier League, that’s got to be second, right? So what’s third most important to a club? That’s right – the Barclay’s Asia Trophy. That 4-team Asian tournament (with only one team from Asia) that plays every two years was won by Chelsea this morning. This year the EPL representatives were Aston Villa, Blackburn, Chelsea, and Kitchee. Twice Chelsea has played this tournament since its founding in 2003 (Jacob, I want you to look up who they beat the last time they played) and twice they’ve won.

We are now six wins out of six matches this preseason, and have yet to concede a goal. Even Mr. Torres got into the action and opened his preseason goal ledger for the first time.

And yes, I’m joking about the Asia Trophy being important. We know it’s the Carling Cup that’s on everyone’s mind each season.

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