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We have all read and heard of professional athletes venting frustrations, or making stupid comments on Twitter.  The latest example of this comes today, Monday, Aug. 1, 2011, where Newcastle United star, Joey Barton, is now allowed to leave the club on a free transfer.

This news came after Barton blasted Newcastle on Twitter, questioning the club’s ambition to become again and how it is being run.  As you know, I love Joey.  Next to my wife, kids, and pets, there is Joey.  Next in line for my love.  And I love how he plays, with increased maturity and depth that I really thought he gained over the last two seasons.

I agree with everything Joey has been saying on Twitter.  The club has not been run well over the last few seasons and Fat Mike needs to go.  But the problem is that Joey should never had said it on Twitter.

Honestly, what did he expect would happen?  If anyone of us bites the hand that feeds us and criticizes what our employer is doing, we would all be sacked in a heart beat.

People today think they can say anything on social media and not be held accountable for their statements.  I don’t know what it is about social networks that people think they can get away with saying anything they want.  Joey Barton is 100% right in what he said, but is 100% wrong in making those remarks publicly.

I understand his frustration with the club, but airing his dirty laundry in the public eye was wrong.  Now because of his immaturity we can look forward to playing against Barton twice this season.  I don’t know if I can handle seeing Barton in a Gunners jersey!


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One Response to Is Twitter A Problem? It is for Joey Barton.

  1. avatar Ryan says:

    News that Aston is looking at Barton too.

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