Messi Alves Jetski

La Liga version of Miami Vice

[ talkSPORT ] “The club with the most points in top flight history: is it Liverpool, Man United, Arsenal, Chelsea or Everton?” – Will the answers surprise you?

[ KCKRS ] ““Sockey” Jerseys Are Awesome And Need To Be Made” – What about soccer jersey that look like hockey jerseys?

[ Guardian ] “Have you been priced out of attending football?” – I say when you are over 5000 miles away from your club, then yes.

[ Kickette ] “David Goodwillie: What The Hell, Little Dude?” – Sometimes we get let down, wait, I mean you, not me…

[ Off the Post ] “Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini gets the sack eyebrows” – This is why he has the toughest job in the EPL.

[ Dirty Tackle ] “Sporting Gijon player quits football, refuses his wages” – Smart or dumb? I say dumb.

Video of the week: Mess with Sir Alex and you get the horns.

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