Imagine we are all sitting around, just like Sandy and Danny in this iconic scene, with our best friends gossiping about our club’s summer.  While some of us might have “had me a blast,” others had a summer we’d like to forget.  Below are four of the Yanks reflecting on their clubs’ summers – feel free to share your clubs summer story in the comment section below.

Newcastle – Jacob – @longbeachtoon

This summer started out with so much promise and then fell to depths which made us the butt of every EPL joke.   The Toon jumped into the transfer market early, signing such players like Yohan Cabaye, Sylvain Marveaux, Demba Ba, Mehdi Abeid, and welcoming back Dan Gosling and Hatem Ben Arfa who are both finally fit from their season-ending injuries suffered last year.  However, the second half of the summer more closely resembled  an episode of “The Young and the Restless,” and fans were forced to watch Scumderland pick up an entire new club, while we were doing the following:

  • We let our captain Kevin Nolan go to West Ham (who were RELEGATED!).
  • Twitter fighting like teenage girls with Joey Barton, ultimately leading us to show him the door.
  • Twitter fighting like teenage girls with Jose Enrique, ultimately leading us to sell him to Liverpool.
  • Becoming a worldwide punchline, as multiple players were not being able to secure visa’s for our preseason U.S. tour.
  • Season starts in less than 24 hours, and all that “Andy Carroll Cash” which was promised to bolster our club seems to be hiding under Fat Mike’s pillow.

Manchester United – Sean – @thestretfordend

Manchester United started the summer attacking specific targets and getting them early in the transfer window.  United is now putting money where their mouth is, and is rapidly becoming younger.  The addition of Young (26), Jones (19), and De Gea (20) makes the current United squad look like an academy rather than League Champions.  These are all excellent signings, but the one that all United fans have been waiting for is the one to fill the boots of one Paul Scholes.  The breadth of this season’s squad is exciting, and is built to last a long season, Champions League, and domestic Cup play, but a main question United fans wonder is if we have enough to close the gap on Europe’s best.  Here are five other thoughts on the summer:

  • We know Ferguson is rebuilding another squad, probably his last.
  • Our young signings and current squad players prove that there is good talent coming up in England.
  • The Glazers aren’t full of sh–, they said there was money to spend and it happened with possibly more to come.
  • Dealing in transfers with Serie A clubs is worse than La Liga.
  • Any match with Manchester City means something, even the Community Shield.

Millwall – Ryan – @MillwallFCEO

When Mr. Jackett became Millwall’s manager in November 2007, he ran into Everton’s David Moyes. Apparently the Scot told him: “If you can manage that club, you can manage any club.”  And since then, he has been doing a fine job indeed.  Last season was Millwall’s first back in the Championship League.  So a strong performance in the Championship League was critical, and Millwall rose to the occasion.  But as I noted at the end of last season, promotion at this stage of building the squad would have been a bridge too far.  Baby steps, Dr. Leo Marvin.  Baby Steps.  And Mr. Jackett has been taking that shrewdly to heart this past summer.

  • While we lost Steve Morison to Norwich City for an undisclosed amount, we have picked up Darius Henderson, Jordan Stewart, and Therry Racon.  Plus, James Henry remains.
  • We also permanently signed Hameur Bouazza before the start of the new season for a two year contract;
  • Chairman John Berylson consistently provided the support to his manager during last season and throughout the summer to strengthen Millwall’s squad for the upcoming season;
  • West Ham United is now back in the Championship League; and
  • The Millwall Lionesses made some key signing adding Shauni Griffiths, Francesca Strugnell, Angharad Chambers, and Kasia Viggor to its roster

Everton – Brad – @EFChairman

Well, it was a relatively quiet summer at Goodison Park.  Other than signing a teenager on loan, we did not do much of anything.  If I was forced to be a ‘half glass full’ fan, than I would point out that while we were quiet – we also did not sell any of our major assets.  Leighton Baines, Phil Jagielka, Mikel Arteta, Marouane Fellaini, and Jack Rodwell were all rumored to be potential sales – yet all will suit up on Saturday against Tottenham at White Hart Lane. Wait, what is this?  What am I hearing?  Oh, apparently a bunch of jack-holes looters tore up Tottenham in a feral rage and the match has been canceled.  Well, shit.  I guess here are some other thoughts, but in a way our ‘Summer Loving” continues for one more week:

  • Being poor sucks.
  • David Moyes is a miracle worker, and if we start out slow and my fellow Toffees start calling for his sacking, I will literally lose it.
  • At least neighbor-rivals Liverpool didn’t do anything this summer.  Wait, what is this?  What am I hearing?  Oh, apparently they continued to spend like a Real Housewife of Orange County on shopping vacay.   Well, shit.
  • Academy prospect, Ross Barkley could be the future at Everton.  He looked fantastic and mature in preseason.
  • Being poor sucks.
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One Response to Summer Loving, Had Me a Blast (Well, Some of Us Did)

  1. avatar james says:

    great read. The Toon Army can’t be please, but unfortunately we’ve come to expect it. Until Mike is gone this will be status quo. We might as well be the french national team. Mike thinks NUFC can become Arsenal2, but even Arsenal spent a lil money. Looks like we’ll be lucky to finish in the top 15 again thanks to fat Mike….

    Go Toon army!

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