Joey Barton vs Gervinho

We all have seen, heard, and read the drama that Joey Barton brings to the football world.  Barton is the kind of player that you really are on one side or the other.  There is no riding the fence with Joey.  Regardless of his philosophical musings on Twitter that only a hipster like Joey can come up with, or the sometimes out of control conduct on the pitch that he is infamous for, there can be little denying that he gets the job done.

Today was no exception.  As Arsenal traveled north to St. James for the season opener against Newcastle, Joey once again found himself in a situation that will only add to his bad boy image.  As Arsenal’s newcomer, Gervinho, took what was clearly a flop in the box, Joey used the situation to stir things up.  Now maybe Joey and Gervinho had been jawing at each other all match; or maybe Joey really hates those who flop in the box.  I don’t know, but Joey ran over to a laid out Gervinho, grabbed him by the jersey and picked him up off the ground all the while screaming something I prefer not to repeat.  Gervinho grabbed him back just like most of us would do given the same situation.  Joey then took advantage of the situation and got Gervinho to take the next step by hitting Joey in the side of the head.  Now it wasn’t a punch or even a good strong pimp slap, but Joey being Joey, he fell to the ground like he just took a shot from Kimbo Slice.  Joey’s actions resulted in a yellow card for him and worked to Newcastle’s favor, as Gervinho was shown red.

Like his tactics or hate them, Joey’s actions get the job done.

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6 Responses to Love Him or Hate Him, Joey Barton Gets the Job Done

  1. avatar Ryan says:

    How did Joey’s actions/acting job get the job done? Newcastle still drew despite all his opening day antics.

  2. avatar Adam Van Nistelrooy says:

    joey barton is a thug whose attitude is just a tad bit worse than his haircut – ref should have shown him red

  3. avatar Matt says:

    Joey wants to win. He wants to win in Black and White. If he’s not on your team: you hate’em, but if your a Magpie, like me, you wanna be him…

  4. avatar Jacob says:

    Well Ryan you just said it. Newcastle were underdogs and playing an Arsenal club thats a man down insured the point.

  5. avatar Ryan says:

    Some insurance, Jakey – you still drew! And when Barton is on your team that is like 1/2 a loss!

  6. avatar Jeff says:

    Sometimes a draw against a “Big 4″ team (or is it 6 now? I’m confused.) is a great result. Look at Liverpool v Sunderland. Do you think Sunderland were disappointed with the point?

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