Joey Barton with QPR

Just like Joey’s new look (I mean with QPR), Friday’s Among the Yanks will be moving to Saturdays.

[ Dirty Tackle ] “Steven Gerrard has total confidence in his groin” — I wish I had Stevie G’s confidence.

[ KCKRS ] “Jozy Altidore Moved To The Netherlands, Is Now A Scoring Machine” — Let’s hope he doesn’t Adu it.

[ Mirror Football ] “Qataris in new £1.5bn-plus United bid” — How much money is actually flowing through Qatar?

[ Daily Mail ] “Can we have our balls back? Wigan unable to practice after thieves loot training ground” — Maybe the citizen of Wigan think their team needs a bit of conditioning.

[ Who Ate All the Pies ] “Snapshot: ‘Super Fan’ Moves Into One-Bedroom Flat Inside Wisbech Town’s Ground”  — I wonder how much a 1-bedroom flat would cost inside of Old Trafford.

[ Kickette ] “(Bitch) Face Off: Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs. Fernando Torres” — Now that is a proper sulk.

Video of the week: Nike’s T90 Laser IV ad with Wayne Rooney.  American’s have to love ads like this, right?

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