Dzeko throws tantrum

Manchester City looked to be flying high with players gelling and essentially rolling over every club in their path.  With six matches played, City have five wins, one draw, zero losses, sixteen points, a positive 14 goal differential, and tied for first place.  This year Man City are realistic EPL title contenders.  But like me and every other football club supporter knows, peace and harmony does not always last, especially with the huge egos occupying City’s bench.

Yesterday in the Group A Champions League match between City vs Bayern Munich, Munich were up 2-o after 55 minutes.  Metro Mancini turned to his massively wealthy and deep bench to try and force a come back.  What happened next will either make you pissed or make you laugh.

As Mancini sent De Jong in to replace Dzeko I felt like I was watching an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras.  Once Dzeko sat down, he immediately took off his boots and threw them down on the ground.  Apparently he  didn’t think he was ready to come off or he was just really upset that he didn’t win Grand Supreme Queen.  We have all seen players taken out of the game and show some emotions about sitting but throwing your shoes?  Really Dzeko?  Surely you can do better than that!  Arsene Wenger throwing his water bottle looked more manly than that!

If that didn’t give the entire world some insight to the egos that Mancini has to deal with, Carlos Tevez jumped at the opportunity to really put on a show.  After Baby Dezko finished his temper tantrum Mancini went to Tevez and told him to go in.  Tevez simply refused to go.

Mancini spoke in a news conference after the match saying:

“I am really disappointed because it is Carlos.  This can’t happen in a top club – to refuse to go in to help his team-mates.  What I said to Carlos is between me, him and the team.  But if we want to improve as team Carlos can’t play with us.  With me, he is finished.”

I am sure that there will be plenty more to come with what will surely be know as the  Man City Drama Queens.

On a side note, it is thought that this was the real reason that Dzeko was pulled.  Embarrassing.

5 Responses to Manchester City Drama Queens. Dzeko humps Lahm and throws tantrum while Tevez refuses to play (with video!)

  1. avatar Sean says:

    Dzeko went into the book for this challenge, Lahm’s black book.

    I enjoy how he gave Lahm a “good game” after he slid humped him down the field.

  2. avatar Matt says:

    Your article says Balotelli went on for Dzeko – it was De Jong that went on, Balotelli was still suspended from UEFA play from when he got a red against Dynamo in Europa League last season.

    This is especially important because that’s what a lot of criticism was directed toward, trading a striker for a DM when down by 2 goals. Mancini said the plan was to calm play with De Jong and then put Tevez on shortly after to try and get the winner. Balotelli never saw the field, or the bench, as he was not allowed.

    Helps to watch the game ;)

  3. avatar Jacob says:

    Thanks for the correction Matt. I do apologize to you all. I will flog myself later this evening.

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