According to BBC reports, Manchester City’s Carlos “Cabeza Loca” Tevez may in fact sue manager Roberto Mancini for claiming that the Argentinian refused to play in the Champions League match versus Bayern Munich last month.  Tevez believes his manager’s comments were defamatory of his character, potentially siting the fact that Corinthians (who were offering €40m earlier in the season) are now only offering €18m to the Manchester club.  Last year’s Golden Boot recipient claims that his lack of participation was simply a ‘misunderstanding’ and that he never refuse to play.

How could this be true?  What potential communication problems could ever exist between an Argentinian player, an Italian manager, an Arabic owner, and an English professional football league?  Despite this hodge-podge of dialects and backgrounds – does anyone really believe Tevez’s story?  Is anyone really surprised by his disrespect for the game?  How many screws loose to you have to have to check into a rehab center for over eating, simply because you weren’t able to sign with one club and make millions so you had to stay at another club and make millions?  And now he is toying with the idea of suing his manager for calling him out  for his crazy behavior?!?  And may I remind you that this is the same manager who puts up with Mario Balotelli, so it is not like his standards are impossible to meet.

It is time for this clown to leave the Premiership and never return.  Yes, he is an incredible footballer, but this over-eating, homesick, neanderthal-faced punk has become a disgrace to the game.  If I was a City fan, aside from menstruating once a month and using €1000 sanitary napkins, I would be screaming to kick his arse out of Manchester!  Enough is enough, Cabeza Loca, it’s time to go!  And don’t try to give the whole ‘Why Always Me?’ line, Balotelli already took that (and your spot in the line-up).

One Response to Carlos Tevez: Making Balotelli Look Sane Since 2010

  1. avatar Matt says:

    We stopped menstruating when we walked out of Old Trafford with three points and a vial of Sir Alex’s tears :)

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