Dear John,

I feel compelled to write this letter to you after I heard about what is going on in your personal and professional life.  I wish to apologize for my kind and how they have been treating you.  I saw you during your press conference where it was clearly explained to all the journalists who where in attendance that you would not be answering any questions about this moronic investigation on “alleged” racial remarks that you “supposedly” made.

I, for one, do not believe that you are a racist.  It is almost impossible for me to view you as such given the fact that you work and thrive in an environment that is full of cultural and ethnic diversity.  The EPL of today is truly a beautiful melting pot.

To call you a racist is such a horrible and untrue statement to make.  You are many things, but a racist you are not.  You are an immense flopper who falls over when the wind changes.  You are a 31 year old that looks about 50.  You always have a look like you just woke up from a deep sleep.  You are a very over rated player who plays for a club that has connections with the Devil.  But a racist… I seriously doubt that.

Once again I am sorry for the accusations that my fellow journalists are accusing you of.  Please accept my apology.


Jacob Brown

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