Luis Suarez not being a racist

Now that Luis Suarez has received an eight-match ban handed down by the Football Association it seems that some of his biggest supporters may come to his aid.  Before the match with Wigan at Anfield, Liverpool players warmed up with these t-shirts on.  The front of the shirt consisted of an image of Suarez not being a racist and the back had his number on it.  Not a very bold statement about anti-racism, but it gets the point across, sort of.  With Liverpool leading the charge in defending Suarez, they issued the following statement:

“We are all right behind him. He has our full support,’ said the Spain international. We made a statement earlier and we said what we thought was the truth. We were together from the very first minute (of the allegations) and it is the minimum we can do for him. We showed our support to Luis. We want him and everyone to know we are right behind our team-mate because he is a lovely guy and he has been crucified by some people and it is not fair.”

I’m not sure “crucified” is the best term to use considering he suited up to play in a match, and will make millions even if he is banned for eight matches.  Crucifixion leads to, well, death.

Next I’m sure we will have story leaked that Liverpool is creating a support movement to help recall Suarez’s suspension, with banquets and rallies being organized all over the States to raise money to help fight Suarez’s case.  I’m sure that Liverpool could easily find celebrity guest speakers such as Michael Richards aka Kramer, Duane Chapman aka Dog The Bounty Hunter, Mel Gibson, and Don Imas, to back the rally.

Once Chelsea sees how successful these “stand by your man” pressers and events are in reducing a racism ban, I guarantee John Terry’s invitations to a gala event will be out in a few short weeks.

4 Responses to Luis Suarez support banquet is coming soon

  1. avatar andrew says:

    Suarez said porque negrito once not ten times, Terry says f*****g black c****, I think the two are very different.

  2. avatar Jacob says:

    doubt that argument would hold up in court. sorry mate

  3. avatar jose says:

    Luis Suarez is a f****** racist, he don’t even look at his long teeth, before talking about somebody skin cloure, f*** you suarez

  4. avatar Bandit Queen says:

    Our Luis is not a raciest and never has been. I am not sure that Terry is also, but he clearly did say something loud and abusive and race based and very different to Suarez, and Evra even admitted the same. He has not lied to the committee and they have not said that he made any race based remarks. The whole thing is out of all proportion and the FA should have to defend themselves in the High Court. And Jose just look at your comment, two words blanked out; that is both offensive and insulting. Are those the only words you know?

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