I just absolutely love these videos, so please keep sending them to me.  Here is another epic “medical” staff fail, but it’s not just putting the injured players face in the nether-regions of the stretcher bearer, but also how he got on the stretcher that is a classic fail.  I’m not sure how serious the injury actually is, but based on the care that he is placed on the stretcher, it doesn’t look too serious.

This video came to us from Brazil where apparently they do not have trained medical staff at the ready for each match.  In the EPL we are used to seeing experienced trainers running onto the field. These crews carry medical kits that probably could be used in war, head sets that can probably communicate directly with a hospital, and the ability to call on a stretcher convoy who have at least taken a basic course on how to properly lift a stretcher off of the ground without placing the injured’s face in your crotch. Then again, they are dealing with multimillion dollar pieces of property.

So that being said, these Brazilian players must be worth a couple of bucks.

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