Happy New Year to all and especially to these three featured managers. While our list hasn’t changed as of yet (there were a couple of candidates that almost made it to the final ballot), these three candidates have all made a strong case for appearing here. Apparently even good results can’t even save you, it is all about where you sit with the points you have. Here is our reading into the current state of things and we would like to know who you think will go first (in club alphabetical order, not sack order):

Blackburn Rovers’ Steve Kean

This is the most bizarre managerial situation that we have ever reported on. I’m sure you are wondering why we are indifferent on Kean’s status. If getting a point at Anfield on Boxing Day was a miracle, then what was getting all three points at Old Trafford? Kean was calm and cool as ever as Blackburn claimed all 3 points on New Years Eve. Surely this was his moment to get a thumbs up from us and a reprieve from Rovers fans, right? Reports out today quote Blackburn fans are actually stepping up their protests of Kean with “increased intensity”. These fans seem impossible to praise, which leaves us scratching our collective heads, and an indifferent thumb. All it took was the next defeat at home for the boo-boys to step right back in.

Blackburn is off of the bottom of the table and the unexpected 3 point haul from Manchester United gets them up to 14 points. However, the loss against Stoke at home still allows Bolton a chance to climb over them in the table today. After reading today’s news, the sacking is personal and we don’t think there is an escape for Kean. The only thing that Kean can do is to get results. The next 3 fixtures of Fulham (H), Everton (A), and Newcastle (H) should be his focus.

Estimated sack week: Still any minute now

Bolton’s Owen Coyle

Has anyone heard rumor of Coyle being sacked? I still haven’t seen any solid report of anyone calling for Coyle’s head. This means one of two things. One, Coyle is that good of a manager, or two, the Bolton brass just don’t care. Either one right now would not make me feel comfortable being a Wanders fan. Again, I like Coyle, but he has lead this team to the bottom of the table, with an astounding 14 losses out of 19 matches. That is a staggering number, especially considering that we have heard no clamoring for his ousting. 

Bolton got a point from the fixture with Wolves, but still find themselves looking up at everyone.  Good news is it wasn’t a loss and it was actually their first draw.  This may be a bit more positive than at first glance.  For a team that has conceded 42 times this year, a 1-1 draw may just be a victory.  Bolton take on Everton (A), Manchester United (A), and Liverpool (H).  No results from these fixtures would have to force even the most ignorant owner to take notice.

Estimated sack week: 23

Wigan’s Roberto Martinez

Wigan got another vital draw away to Stoke earning another hard fought point.  The players seem to really rally around their manager and keep getting results that surprise us.  The problem is, is that our expectations are for them to lose every match.  Do the Lactic fans feel the same way with every result feeling like a victory?  If that is the consensus feeling, then Martinez will be around for a long time.  He is doing so much with so little, it makes us wonder if the Wigan board is seeing how little they can actually give him.

The loss at home to Sunderland keeps Wigan at 15 points, but they are still within distance of climbing out of the relegation zone, but are also a few results away from falling completely out of contention. Manchester City (A), QPR (H), and Tottenham (A) looks like Martinez will need a rallying party like Rick Santorum to get multiple points from these.

Estimated sack week: 2 years away

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