YCIS Match Day Center

It’s Match Day, and this is your opportunity to brag, lament, celebrate, trash-talk, second-guess, moan, excuse, crow, rejoice, cry, wail, gloat, and just generally sound-off. How did your club do? Who impressed you? Which club looked the weakest? Any early campaign predictions? So, we want to hear what you have to say about this weekend’s matches (results below) — use the comment section below as your forum to SOUND-OFF!

Manchester City 3-2 Tottenham – (YCIS prediction 0-0) – 5 goals in the second half see City stay top with Balotelli putting away a stoppage time penalty.

Arsenal 1-2 Manchester United - (YCIS prediction 1-2) – A goal from Danny Welbeck with 10 minutes remaining was the difference in another match the waited until the second half to come alive.

One Response to YCIS Sunday Match Day Center – Predictions, Results, and Sound Off

  1. avatar JerZGooner says:

    You SOBs got it right unfortunately. How much did you guys pay Wenger to pull the OX?

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