Pepsi Max has just released a campaign using “A” list soccer players as part of the promotional push. In this photo we have from left to right Didier Drogba, Frank Lampard, DJ Calvin Harris, Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero, Jack Wilshere, and Fernando Torres.  This is the group created to start off Pepsi’s “Kick in the Mix” promotion.

This promotion is designed to bring about a fusion of the rhythm, speed, and tempo of the game with the equal counterparts of soccer.  Messi seems to be very excited about this particular project:

“Music is a big part of the game and fan experience, so it feels very natural to bring them together.”

My brain immediately went into convulsions think of the different captions for this photo, so we decided to leave you with just the background for this photo, and see what you can come up with.  Win this competition, and you will receive a Pepsi Max which I’m sure you will promptly return to us.  Actually we will just save you the time, and give you our respect.

Pepsi Max advertisment for football


Last Week’s Winner: Andy

“Bosingwa never thought his prank of replacing Abramovich’s hand lotion with superglue would backfire so horribly.”

Andre Villas Boas Hands On Coaching

8 Responses to Tuesday Morning Caption Contest

  1. avatar JerZGooner says:

    The new internet trend: Fernando Torres photo bombing quality players.

  2. avatar stuart says:

    seven poses that make you think like your cool…but FAIL!!

  3. avatar andy says:

    Shasta Cola did the same photo with all the “A” list players from Newcastle… It’s just a backdrop with no one in it.

  4. avatar Jacob says:

    I don’t have a caption for this picture cuz all I want to do is punch every one of these douche’s in the face!!!!!

    • avatar andy says:

      Jacob, I’m sensing a lot of anger from you. Anger’s born of passion and helplessness. It’s natural. So could it be, nay is it possible, you don’t actually “hate” them but you… well, Jacob, you love them. You want them… you want to trace the septuagint across the nape of their necks with the tip of your nose, you want to bathe them in buttermilk while you quietly play Stairway to Heaven on a jaw harp… Jacob, is that possible? Yes sir, I believe it is.

  5. avatar Anandu says:

    How about this?

    “Fernando Torres : Scores Ads, not goals”

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