The Toon Army took on a clever protest against Newcastle ownership over the weekend by creating a processional.  Don’t worry, there wasn’t a real body in the coffin of someone named James, but rather a very elaborate symbolism created to represent the death of the iconic name of St. James Park.  This march took place outside of “Sports Direct Arena” prior to the match with the Wolves intended to protest the direction that the club’s brass is taking the club.  In a statement released by those that were in charge of the “funeral” we learn the following:

“[Protesting fans] are here though, not to mourn the loss of St James’ Park, but to celebrate over 120 years of history that has seen generations of fans experience every single emotion supporting their team; worshiping in their own ‘cathedral on the hill’”.

“However, when it comes to making decisions that run roughshod over history and pay no grace or favour to the heritage of the club and indeed the whole of Tyneside, then this is clearly wrong. Surely the way ahead is not for the club to alienate it’s core customer, but to enter into dialogue with the club’s major income stream; the fans!”

Caption this photo as those on Tyneside contemplate the future of the club.  With a potential top-four finish on the horizon, do all of the Toon Army agree?  Win our respect and maybe the Yanks will hold a processional in your honor.

St James' Coffin


Last Week’s Winner: JerZGooner

“The new internet trend: Fernando Torres photo bombing quality players.”

Pepsi Max advertisment for football

3 Responses to Tuesday Morning Caption Contest

  1. avatar andy says:

    Excuse me, is this the line for the “Andy Brown Look-a-like” contest?

  2. avatar andy says:

    Being a Newcastle fan, this is the only box you’ll ever get to touch…

  3. avatar Jacob says:

    Umm I don’t find any humor in this weeks caption photo so I will refrain from taking part in creating a funny remark. Come on guys, this is dealing with something that is pretty personal to a lot of us.

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