As the title race heats up, results become vital.  Manchester United was given a golden opportunity to ease three points clear with Manchester City drawing with Stoke. United was to take on Fulham, who boast the worst away record (maybe ever), on Monday at Old Trafford.  During the match United sputtered through holding a slender 1-0 lead, while Fulham seemed content to play their part.  In matches like this there always seems to be a talking point, and near the end of the match we got ours.  Michael Carrick clattered into Danny Murphy in the box for what seemed to be a certain penalty.  However, the angle that Michael Oliver had made it appear that Carrick nicked the ball on the tackle, while every other angle in the world clearly showed that he didn’t.

Martin Jol’s sly look may just say it all, but that is where you come in friends.  Caption this photo and let us know what the cheeky Jol is pointing out.  Win this and you will get our respect, which from our angle looks pretty good.

Martin Jol cheeky


Last Week’s Winner: TinManUnited

“In the wilderness of the English grasslands, the father shows his offspring the skills of the hunt.”

Peter Crouch is a giant

3 Responses to YCIS Tuesday Morning Caption Contest

  1. avatar TinManUnited says:

    As my idol Mr. T would say, “I’m gonna get you sucka!”

  2. avatar FulhamFan says:

    “And you can count, on me, waiting for you in the parking lot.”

  3. avatar Andy says:

    Ok, and last question who is the “catcher” in your relationship?

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