Andy Carroll

Andy Carroll is set to return to St. James Park, sorry Sports Direct Arena (much more intimidating) this Sunday for the first time since his last minute £35M move to Liverpool.  Carroll has admitted that he will be anxious before kickoff, especially since he is uncertain about the reception that he will receive from the Toon Army.  Carroll tells the Telegraph:

“I don’t usually get nervous but this might be a bit different. All of my family and friends will be there but they’re so big on football that I’m not sure who they’ll be supporting.”

Newcastle fans may have felt betrayed once Carroll was taken by private helicopter to Anfield.  There were, and still are, questions about what really happened.  Regardless of if Carroll handed in a transfer request, or if Mike Ashley sold him out from under the nose of everyone, the truth is Newcastle is better off.  The Magpies are sitting sixth in the league tied with Chelsea on points, are only 5 points out of a Champions League spot, and are 8 points ahead of Liverpool, oh, and they only spent around £20M of the £35M to do it.

Carroll on the other hand has been riddle with injury, inconsistent play, and a spot on the bench.

“It’s great to see Newcastle doing so well. Obviously I support them, was brought up there and was lucky enough to play for them. They will always mean something.”

Does Carroll have reason to be nervous?  Will he receive a negative reception? Or has Newcastle moved on and not looked back?

One Response to Andy Carroll says he’s nervous to return to Newcastle, the pubs in Newcastle feel the same way

  1. avatar Jacob says:

    He has reason to be nervous. And it has nothing to do with playing his old club. It’s all about how close the summer transfer window is upon us and how is ass is headed out the door!

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