Speaking of not allowing Andy Carroll to hide behind the failures of Fernando Torres, we bring you this photo from Sports Direct Arena as Carroll is being cheered off the field following his substitution in the 80th minute.  Wait, he’s not being cheered?  Why are Newcastle fans raising their hands and smiling?

They are smiling because their “number 9″ put two in the back of the net, while their former “number 9″ proceeded to pout and head straight down the tunnel all grumpy-like.  Two classic things in this photo, 1) all the fans giving the “O” face (apparently this is what we look like when we boo), and 2) the father holding up his son to get a glimpse of Carroll’s departure with a “get up son, look at what happens to those that leave Newcastle” type of look on his face.

Caption this photo however you like and earn your respect unlike Carroll did on Sunday.

Andy Carroll's Reception at Newcastle


Last Week’s Winner: FulhamFan (classic movie quote, well done!)

“And you can count, on me, waiting for you in the parking lot.”

Martin Jol cheeky

4 Responses to YCIS Tuesday Morning Caption Contest

  1. avatar Brian Richardson says:

    “Look son see see how we give our past heroes a Standing O-vation? Look and learn”

  2. avatar Andy says:

    Boooooooooo! Give us Barabbas!

  3. avatar Jacob says:


  4. avatar Jacob says:

    Goliath and his ‘Whack-off!!!!’ hand gesture have me scared enough to go knock one out just to be safe. What a beast!

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