The Mondays after an entire weekend of Premier League action can render you completely worthless, depressed, and counting down the minutes until the next set of fixtures. The Mondays after the International break have us checking our own pulse.  So help to help you cope with this period, we have brought you some links. So, please enjoy because this is “Monday’s Wake-Up Call”.

[ Football 365 ] — Along the lines of our mentoring topic in our podcast.  Someone mentioned Mario Balotelli?

[ KCKRS ] — This is one way to save on costs.  I think Everton has a future now!

[ Kickette ] — Daniel Agger fill us in on his tattoo. Nice to see that he wasn’t sold the week after he got it.

[ Off the Post ] — Too bad none of his teammates are British.

[ Dirty Tackle ] — WTF Newcastle?

Video of the week: Shinji Kagawa beat boxes in Adidas advet…

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