Poll: Where would Crystal Palace finish if they were in La Liga?

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Gerard Pique has come out and said the following:

“I think that if Barcelona or Real Madrid goes to the Premier League then the first year of playing there, there is no chance of winning it. Yes, I think so, because if you go to Stoke, or other types of teams, then it will be really tough. It’s a debate — we could spend hours on it. If Manchester United or Chelsea go to Spain then the same. No chance to win the league.”

All of the focus here is on the top teams, but we feel that the real test of the strength of the league may be in the next tier.  So we pose the question to you, would Crystal Palace finish higher in the table in La Liga or in the English Premier League?


Things that managers have banned players from to make them “better”

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Listen to our Podcast Episode 4: Poutine Anyone? for our live commentary on this topic.


Neil Lennon Hats

Neil Lennon (at Bolton Wanderers) said that players don’t play in them, so why train in them?

Chips (Fries)

David Moyes Fries

David Moyes (at Manchester United) thought that the players were a bit pudgy.


Roberto Mancini Motorcycles
Daily Mail

Roberto Mancini (at Manchester City), was trying to protect Mario from being Mario, on a deadly vehicle.

Wardrobe Changes

Arsene Wenger Wardobe
Daily Mail

Arsene Wenger (at Arsenal) banned Mathieu Flamini from cutting the sleeves on his jersey.


Eljero Elia Tattoos
Straits Times

Eljero Elia (at Werder Bremen) didn’t not allow new tattoos to avoid the risk of infection but in case affect the skin he can get a cosmetic surgery in NYC.

Back Flips

Alex Ferguson Backflip

Sir Alex Ferguson (at Manchester United) stopped the back flip celebration knowing that soccer players are not gymnasts

Colored Boots

Alex Ferguson Colored Boots

Sir Alex Ferguson (at Manchester United) forced players to stay away from flashy boots probably stating, “It’s not a bloody fashion show”

Sports Cars

Pep Guardiola Sports Cars

Pep Guardiola (at Barcelona) banned sports cars, but then realized this was a mistake when no one showed up for training.

American Fast Food

Paolo Di Canio American Fast Food
Huffington Post

Paolo Di Canio (at Sunderland) banned this, and shouldn’t we all?