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YCIS Episode 31: Skype This

On November 22, 2015 By

Topics include: Arsenal player, Mathieu Flamini, is set to become a billionaire through his investment in a fuel technology

A father names his son after his favorite team without telling his wife

Landon Donovan encourages foreign MLS players to reject a loan move

Arsene Wenger says he tries “to get out there what is beautiful in man” in his coaching style.

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This is your official invitation from the Yanks to what we think will be the hottest party of 2016, the Chelsea Relegation Party.

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Gerard Pique has come out and said Barcelona or Real Madrid would win the Premier League title in their first season if they were to compete in England’s top tier and would struggle because of a raining night at Stoke. Thoughts?

Jurgen Klopp expressing his disappointment with Liverpool fans leaving Anfield early. Was he right to criticize? Do fans leave early more often in the Prem? Is it ever acceptable to leave a football match early?

Ruud Gullit feels opposing teams no longer fear Chelsea and has compared the ailing Premier League champions to golfing icon Tiger Woods. Is he right?

Have you got your Chelsea Relegation Party invite?

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A study shows rotten teeth can have negative impact on players’ performances. Is English soccer doomed?

Chelsea first-team player would ‘rather LOSE than win for Jose Mourinho’. Who is the rat?

Big Sam Allardyce is tipped to help save Sunderland because he is a “man of the people”. What does this mean, and is it enough?

Premier League sees 150% increase in US audience size under NBC Sports. What does that mean for us fans?

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Manchester United pub ‘The Trafford’ bans half & half scarves ahead of Man City game. Thoughts on this gesture of “friendliness”?

One twitter user pledged to get the Stoke striker’s face inked on himself if Chelsea lost at the Britannia Stadium, Stoke won…Would you ever tattoo a player on yourself, who would it be and where would you put it?

Is the Holiday schedule a bit too hectic and would our clubs benefit from some rest?

Why isn’t Mourinho sacked yet? This is the worst start for a title defending team ever in the history of the EPL, sitting 15th in the league only picking up 10 points from the first 11 matches.

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The Yanks welcome the LA Spurs and we are now life long friends. Listen as Jonathan helps us discuss a few topics, tell a few stories, and inform us of how to join the LA Spurs.

Topics include: Kyle Walker on Tottenham’s brutal training methods: ‘More experienced players probably couldn’t handle what we do’. What is Tottenham doing that is so different than other clubs?

ESPN has come out and said that in the Premier League, another crisis is always just around the corner. Is this a true statement? Does the media create crises to sell papers? How can we tell if a “crisis” is truly a “crisis”?

A soccer fan ‘fakes disability’ to get pitchside seat at Merseyside derby. How far would you go to get seats to your dream match?

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The Yanks welcome the LA Riot Squad (LARS) and they did not disappoint. Listen as they help us discuss a few topics and discuss stories of LARS experiences.

Topics include: 2015 MLS attendances up 16% compared to last year. What’s the driving force behind the increase? Are we likely to see this continue?

A new study has revealed what team has the most attractive supporters. Here is how the EPL stacked up. Where would the Galaxy fit in if this study were done in the MLS

Bayern Munich supporters’ group calls for protest at £64 Arsenal tickets. Arsenal has always been known to exploit the ticket prices for huge matches. Is there an MLS club that has a similar reputation?

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José Mourinho was given the vote of confidence from Roman Abramovich and Chelsea players have come out in overwhelming support for him. This leads us to the question, how much longer does he have at Chelsea?

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Topics include: José Mourinho was given the vote of confidence from Roman Abramovich and Chelsea players have come out in overwhelming support for him. This leads us to the question, how much longer does he have at Chelsea?

Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney: It is harder to win the Premier League title now more than ever. Agree or disagree? What is making the summit so hard to reach and why?

Newcastle striker Aleksandar Mitrovic vows to change his ways after earning unwanted reputation following suspension. Should he change? Does Newcastle really want/need him to change?

Tanzania player Juma Said gets two-year ban for ‘act of indecency’. Is this a fair ban? What other acts deserve bans of this length?

Reading release new club song which seems to be quite embarrassing. Is it the most embarrassing thing ever, or have we seen worse?

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Topics Include: Is the BPL cracking down too hard on player celebrations? Is it being too strict for its own good?

Is the MLS simply a joke for these guys?

Gary Neville asks, what is happening to the football powerhouses of the north?

Is the Corporate sponsorship of anything and everything ruining the historical side of soccer?

Brendan Rodgers claims conspiracy against him by outside influences stating in a post-match presser, “I am pretty confident that there is a group of people that don’t want me here to be the manager”

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Topics Include:

Martial will reportedly set United back €60 million (£44.1 million) plus €20 million (£14.7 million) in bonuses. What are the bonuses exactly and what does he have to do for these to be activated?

Liverpool fans urged to dress up as Jurgen Klopp at Anfield. Creative? What other creative ways can fan show a club when to fire and who to hire?

Diego Tardelli has iPhone thrown at him by Shanghai Shenhua fan in Chinese Super League match. What is the most expensive thing you would part with to throw at a player if you were guaranteed to hit them? Who would you chuck it at?

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Topics include: 1860 Munich release new Oktoberfest kit inspired by a traditional green and gold waistcoast with lederhosen shorts. What are some other holiday inspired kits that would add to a club’s bottom line?

Welling striker Sahr Kabba becomes first player charged by FA for feigning injury. This “feigning” was simulating being hit. Good move? How long should a ban be? Will we see this in the EPL?

Due to Chelsea’s horrible start to the season rumor has it that José Mourinho has banned ‘banter’, jokes, and even smiling from the training ground. Is this the final straw in the third year meltdown?

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