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Topics include: When does fan behavior cross the line?

Can Tom Cleverley help Everton players deal with adversary?

Who made a better choice this transfer window, Aston Villa or Newcastle?

Serie B launches ‘green card’ in an attempt to promote fair play.

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YCIS Episode 40: Ego Check

On January 28, 2016 By

Topics include: Are EPL refs too egotistical?

Jose Mourinho’s six page letter to Man United

Dimitar Berbatov conducts and interview with Dimitar Berbatov

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Topics include: Is the Champions League the “hot chick”?

Pochettino says that players would benefit if they were treated like naughty boys?

Are players pansies because they wear gloves?

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Topics include: Van Gaal always makes sure to meet his players’ dads in order to get an idea of how they will age

Flamini reveals the key to Ozil’s good form: It’s all because of my close friendship

Mario Balotelli used to urinate on his fellow players’ boots

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Topics include: A coach gets sacked for spanking players so hard it hurt his hand

Otamendi believes his beard and his tattoos add an element of fear for opposing players and even officials

Aston Villa will beat the drop if they fight like the US Marines

Have kit sponsors finally crossed a line?

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Topics include: Mourinho-United scarves sold outside Old Trafford

Benteke has a “Man Conversation” with Klopp

Have you heard of the Salon d’Or?

Man United and Tottenham are chasing Ayoze Perez, says Ayoze Perez

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Topics include: What are some other ways keepers can distract players before a spot kick?

Funeral plans sponsored by your club?

When do we officially give a team all due respect?

What are some club gifts you could actually do without?

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Topics Include: Jose Mourinho has been sacked. Who is at fault, and where does he end up?

Klopp leads a celebration in front of the Kop after the draw with West Brom. Too much?

Alan Pardew says he was going to have a pint with the fans after the Southampton win. He keeps that promise.

Leeds team calendar was directed by the founder of Mr. Gay UK. Need we say more?

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Topics include: A look at the naughty world of away dressing-room psychology.

Are soccer club suffering from the social media age?

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Topics include: Do soccer clubs have an elitist mentality?

Alan Shearer has blasted Newcastle by saying that they have got too many Monday-to-Friday players… good in training, but they simply don’t turn up on a Saturday. Agree?

The Telegraph conducted a poll to help determine which Premier League team has most passionate supporters.

FC Santa Claus reveal their new kits ahead of the upcoming festive season. Wouldn’t you expect a bit more from this opportunity?

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YCIS Episode 31: Skype This

On November 22, 2015 By

Topics include: Arsenal player, Mathieu Flamini, is set to become a billionaire through his investment in a fuel technology

A father names his son after his favorite team without telling his wife

Landon Donovan encourages foreign MLS players to reject a loan move

Arsene Wenger says he tries “to get out there what is beautiful in man” in his coaching style.

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This is your official invitation from the Yanks to what we think will be the hottest party of 2016, the Chelsea Relegation Party.

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