YCIS Episode 104: Odor Dominance

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Podcast topics include:

1) David Moyes has been labelled ‘the energy vampire’ as the life has officially been sucked out of Sunderland. So that’s why he’s got a “dark room”! 2) Fans have been known to spark outrage by throwing objects on the field during play, but is it outrage when it is so creative? 3) In Germany they have created the world’s coolest Kindergarten – inside the stadium of F.C. St. Pauli. Where’s the enrollment form? 4) Even though Zlatan may have a career ending injury, at least he got his latest fragrance line launched in time! 5) Our “Get to Know the Yanks” looks at something that we did that other thought we couldn’t and were shocked that you actually did! And no, it’s not podcasting.

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