YCIS Episode 105: Hulk Smash

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Podcast topics include:

1) Hulk, who was accused of hitting a assistant coach in CSL, denies any wrongdoing by saying “I like Chinese people”. He followed that up with, “Why do you keep talking about my green skin and how I don’t use the pore vacuum? 2) Manchester United and Arsenal stars were slammed for hugging tunnel before a match. Reverse mind games, or just a bit too friendly? 3) Bastian Schweinsteiger claims that he is struggling to adapt to ‘huge difference’ between MLS and Europe as he admits frustration at lack of quality. In other obvious news… 4) Should there be punishment for over-showboating players? We think so. 5) Our “Get to Know the Yanks” looks at something that we did that other thought we couldn’t and were shocked that you actually did! And no, it’s not podcasting our guilty pleasure. We’re referring to food folks, get your minds out of the gutter.

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